Mimi, Cake Artist

Mimi’s path to opening her own baking business started in her childhood. An Army brat born to an American father and Ethiopian mother, this cake artist in the making, moved with her parents all over the world, including Seychelles and Thailand, however, the one constant in her life has been the warmth and love of the family kitchen. Dad is a gifted chef who can whip up anything from thin air. Mom pours her heart and soul into her traditional Ethiopian meals. Memories of cooking and baking fill Mimi’s fondest memories. She was born with a spoon and a mixing bowl in her hands!

For as long as she can remember, she has always had a hankering for the sweet stuff, especially chocolate and caramel. Yet it was by complete accident that she started to take baking seriously. It started with baking cheesecakes for family and friends during the holiday seasons, but turned into more when a friend challenged her to create a Tinkerbell themed birthday cake for her young daughter. Mimi had no earthly clue how to even begin, as she had never even thought about venturing into cake decorating; nonetheless, she accepted the challenge head on, researching everything she could about cake decorating, unlocking the door to the extraordinary talent and passion she possesses. Completely hooked, she has been knee deep in sugar and fondant ever since!

As a five time award winning cake decorator, Mimi is a baker extraordinaire who can whip up any creation that looks as good as it tastes. From cheesecakes to sculpted cakes, there’s no cake too great! Her goal is to create wonderful memories for each and every one of her clients, creating “…sweet treats ANY day of the week….”