One of 2011’s best highlights for me personally, was when I was asked to be Ninang Mimi for Peyton Marley Jones (Ninang means “god-mother” in tagalog – Philippines).  I broke out in tears and replied “yes” without hesitating!! Though I have five god-children already (what can I say?!?!? I love kids – ha), being asked to be so for Peyton was a true blessing.

Peyton Marley is a twin and she & her sister Avery Quinn are two of the cutest babies you will ever meet!

photo courtesy of their father, Benji Jones

They are blessed with an awesome older brother, Bailey and a caring older sister, Kennedy.  Mom & dad are pretty cool too and they absolutely love being parents!

photo courtesy of Benji Jones

Planning for the twin’s first birthday / baptism was a huge family affair which included the twin’s three aunts (two of which are also twins), all four Ninangs (each twin has two… Philippino tradition) and a family friend.  We started the planning process around three months before the November event and our theme was “Enchanted Twinkies”.


The party colors were shades of purple, pink and blue.  A huge castle was to be made by crafting guru, Ninang Kim and of course the cake was to be created by Ninang Mimi (smile).  Tita Leslie (Tita means “auntie”) was in charge of designing mini-castle table center pieces (all made from toilet & paper towel rolls covered with crafting paper) as well as the over all set up of the venue.  Tita Jessica created these really awesome origami flowers that were hung over the crafting castle and cakes.  Tita Jacqueline was in charge of day of set up.  The food was traditional Philippino cuisine which included everything from lumpia to pancit.

The 1st birthday cakes were designed based off of the twin’s personalities.  Peyton is more laid back…she’s a thinker and has the more “serious minded” personality.  Her cake was a purple and pink “pillow” with a quilted pattern accented with fondant flowers.


Avery, on the other hand, is more adventurous… free spirited if you will and vocal (ha)! Her cake was a “pillow” covered with fondant flowers.


Two small smash cakes were placed before them and it was so cute watching them dig in for their very first taste.  Peyton loves to eat so she went in full force, not giving a care to where buttercream landed.

Avery was a little “cuter” with her approach.  It was almost as if she didn’t want to get too messy (lol).

The twins were definitely surrounded by love that day and we are all so excited to watch these two grow into awesome young ladies.  One thing’s for sure, no matter what season or reason, I will love them both unconditionally and I look forward to creating more cakes for them through out the years!

Happy Birthday Peyton & Avery!!!



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