So…what happens when 40+ cake artists decide to come together and create awesome pieces celebrating their love of Halloween?


Sugar Spooks is born!

Around two months ago, we were approached by Avalon of Avalon Cakes, to join a team of fantabulous cake artists celebrating all that is Halloween.  The only glitch? There had to be an extreme element included in the final design.  We were ecstatic to even be considered for this collaboration! So, you can only imagine our anxiety when we learned the names of our fellow collaborators!! We’re talking about the awesomeness of Debbie Does Cakes, Eat Cake Party, and Mike’s Amazing Cakes….just to name a few.  No pressure, right?!?!


Anywho, not to compare ourselves to some of the best in this biz, we decided to push ourselves and create something that we knew we would never be commissioned to do.  Our initial design was an homage to one of the most memorable scary movies of all times, Children of the Corn.  So, in order to complete the project, we of course had to watch it.  We dusted off our Netflix subscription, popped some popcorn and got to watching.


We cannot believe we were ever scared by that movie…ha!

We decided our extreme element would be fire…to represent the “sacrificial ceremony” depicted in the movie and that we would work with modeling chocolate.  We are obsessed with creating figurines, so we decided we would recreate Isaac and Malachai standing in front of the church with a corn stalk covered cross in the background.PicMonkey Collage copy

Yep! That’s a real fire burning in the piece! BUT!!!! A month before our projects were due, we got an actual request for a cake depicting Linda Blair from the Exorcist! We were super duper excited about the opportunity! Our extreme element was recirculating chocolate, representing “vomit” as seen in the movie (yyyuuummmm…….).  We also submitted photos of that piece to the group, and asked Avalon to choose the piece she would rather see in the final collaboration. FB_LB

By the way – we did NOT re-watch the movie for research! LOL! We remembered it quite well…. (no need for nightmares in our old age – ha!)

Working with the amazing artists in the group was truly a memorable moment for us.  The support, constructive criticism and overall camaraderie within the group has increased our desire to work harder and more diligently within this field.  There is nothing sweeter than working with a group of artists who truly love doing what they do!

To learn more about this collaboration and to see the AMAZING pieces please check out the Sugar Spooks website!

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