Do you remember how excited you would get about the hottest new toy when you were a kid? Like the Cabbage Patch dolls? Or for the younger generation, Tickle Me Elmo? Well…..that’s sort of how we feel whenever we are introduced to a new cake product! We’re telling you… it’s like watching little kids walk into a toy store for the first time! So, imagine our excitement when we were informed that Albert Uster Imports (AUI) was releasing a new line of rolled fondant called FondArt! Aaaannnnddddd, for all you fans of the infamous “blue box”, Massa fondant has released their 2013 featured color… 5th Avenue Blue!

ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS WE ARE?!?!?!?! Did we use enough exclamation marks????

WAIT! Before we continue…we failed to mention who AUI chose to demo these amazing products.  Are you ready? The awesome Nicholas Lodge! Now, in case you don’t know who HE is, you must be hiding under a rock somewhere…..

OK! Back to the product:

FondArt is a new fondant line that is manufactured in Italy.  It has more of the homemade marshmallow taste and is very “springy”, which means it has a lot of “give” (a god-send to cake decorators/artists).  The line comes in six amazing base colors: white, blue, red, yellow, green and a ‘true’ black.  What’s great is you can take these colors, mix them in certain proportions and create nearly every color you can imagine! No more guessing… no more measuring out gel colors…. simplicity! And, unlike other color based fondants, there is literally no ‘chemical’ after taste, which means more will be eaten instead of thrown away (woohoo)!

Nicholas demoed the cutest two tiered ‘bumble-bee’ inspired cake using the FondArt yellow and black.  He also showed us the BEST technique for using Wilton molds (now if only Wilton would update THEIR “How To” instructions in their packaging materials – geesh!!!), and the best recipe for our 50/50 mix (sorry…caking lingo).  We learned tricks to creating topsy turvy cakes without wasting as much product and how to create cutting guides to get even results with each tier.  We are telling you… that man is a wealth of knowledge!


Now, we are dedicated users of Massa fondant, which is manufactured in Switzerland and is DELICIOUS!!  We use this product for all of our cakes, and we’ve even converted past “I hate the taste of fondant” clients into fondant believers (hahahaha).  Nicholas demoed a “gift box” cake using Massa’s 2013 featured color ‘5th Avenue Blue’ fondant.  Geesh!! Let us tell you….that is one sexy color! Trust us; trying to get the exact blue box shade can be difficult at times.  But not anymore! We are super excited that this color came out when it did, because we have a pretty amazing wedding cake design next month and the 5th Avenue Blue will work just perfectly! We informed our bride today and she is just as equally excited as we are – ha!

We can’t wait to use these two amazing products on all of our future cake designs! And, we can’t wait for you to see and taste your future cakes using these products from Mimi’s Mocha Treats!!!


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