One of the advantages of being a cake artist is having the opportunity to create cakes for some of my closest and dearest friends. This past weekend, I was blessed to create a design for a friend that holds a dear and special place in my heart, Robin. Eight months ago she told me that she was pregnant, and since then we have basically planned baby Maya Grace’s, aka “Ladybug’s”, entire life (hahaha…. we sort of feel sorry for her already…….she doesn’t know what she is about to endure)! I can already see Ladybug in her little apron, holding her rolling pin while helping her auntie Mimi decorate cakes. I tease Robin’s husband all the time, reminding him that their baby is also MY baby. His reply: “Yeah….. I know….. and that’s what I am afraid of…” Ha…. he loves me!

The shower committee wanted to incorporate as much of Robin’s personality and likes into the event. Some of her favorite things to do include playing silly games, creating arts & crafts and doing as much as she can for the environment. The cake’s design was based off the awesome invitations created by Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC and the color of Ladybug’s bedroom. Being that invitation design was light and airy, I wanted to make sure I expressed that with the design of the cake.

I picked up this awesome cherry blossom stencil at the National Capital Area Cake Show a few weeks ago from Designer Stencils and was super excited because I knew I would be able to incorporate it into the design of the cake.

The beautiful dessert table was designed by Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC and included to die for chocolate covered Oreo cookies supplied by Sweet Temptations, gumballs and rock candy supplied by Oh! Nuts and these adorable personalized M&M’s by MY M&M’S


I just had to do it….give you a glimpse into the gooey goodness of our Caramel Lover’s Delight flavor combination (go ahead and grab your napkin….you left a little bit of drool on your chin…teehee)

The shower was a complete success and Robin’s smiling face through out the event let me know that she felt loved.  She even managed to show us her beautiful smile right before her guests ripped into the dessert table:

I am super excited about meeting my little Ladybug and I hope she knows she will be surrounded by love and affection each and every day of her life!

Love you sweetie!!! xoxoxoxo

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