Mimi, The Cake Artist Behind Mimi’s Mocha Treats

Mimi’s Mocha Treats is a seven times award winning cake studio serving the Greater Washington Metropolitan area. Born from the encouragement and support of family and friends, Mimi’s Mocha Treats focuses on taking our clients’ cake design “wish lists” and translating them into one of a kind creations. All cakes are baked from scratch and we use high quality ingredients including real butter, quality cocoa and couverture chocolate. We understand that a beautiful cake MUST also taste good, so we focus on providing the best of both worlds for our clients.

With a background in Architecture and a love for baking, Mimi uses her skills / knowledge to ensure that each cake design is uniquely structured and aesthetically appealing no matter the occasion. As an Army brat born to an American father and Ethiopian mother, this cake artist has moved with her parents all over the world including Seychelles, Ethiopia and Thailand. However, the one constant in her life has been the warmth and love of the family kitchen. Her dad is a natural chef who can whip up anything from thin air. And, her mom pours her heart and soul into her traditional Ethiopian meals. Memories of cooking and baking fill Mimi’s fondest memories as she was born with a spoon and a mixing bowl in her hands!

Having a strong desire to teach, Mimi is also a demonstrator and instructor in the sugar craft industry. She is respectfully known for her business seminar on Caking 101 and is a mentor and inspiration to up and coming cake artists. Her passion for cakes is what drives and motivates her each and every day.

Mimi’s Mocha Treats is a Food Network Competitor who has been featured in Bird’s Party Magazine, Edible Artist Network, Cake Master’s Magazine as well as on the cover of Cake Central Magazine


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