A Love Story Like No Other: Vinchenzo & Stephanie’s All-White Wedding Cake

Modern white wedding cake with pearl dragees and pink and burgundy sugar florals

Sometimes, love stories have a way of taking us by surprise, unfolding in a way that tugs at our heartstrings and leaves us misty-eyed. In my 15 years as a baker, I’ve had the privilege of hearing countless beautiful love stories, but Vinchenzo and Stephanie’s is one I’ll never forget. It’s a story that brought tears to my eyes during our initial consultation – a first for me! Take a  look at the journey to create their All-White Wedding Cake below.

A Bond Forged in Friendship:

Hailing from Peru, Vinchenzo and Stephanie’s paths first crossed in 2013 at a Jetblue Airlines convention, where they were both employed. Though initially dating other people, a strong friendship blossomed between them. Over the years (from 2013 to 2021), they maintained this connection, even as life took them to different corners of the world – Vinchenzo building a company with his brother in Northern Virginia and Stephanie embarking on a solo adventure working for another airline in Dubai.

Love Blossoms Across Continents:

Despite the distance, their friendship remained a constant, providing a solid foundation for something deeper. In 2021, both realized they had developed feelings for each other, but neither dared to express them. It was Vincenzo’s actions, however, that spoke volumes. When Stephanie fell ill with COVID in Dubai, he went above and beyond, researching pharmacies and food delivery services to ensure she had everything she needed. This wasn’t a one-time act of kindness – Vinchenzo had flowers delivered to her every month for nine months straight! Talk about dedication!

A Fairytale Ending – Finally!

Finally, in April 2022, during one of Stephanie’s visits to the States, their friendship blossomed into love with their very first kiss. By the end of that year, Vinchenzo, ever the charmer, formally requested Stephanie’s hand in marriage from her mother. (The proposal story is another tearjerker – we might just have to share that one too!)

An All-White Wedding Cake Celebration of Love:

Their intimate December 2023 wedding at their Maryland home was a beautiful reflection of their love story – simple, elegant, and full of warmth. The setting called for a minimalist cake design, and we created a stunning all-white cake that perfectly captured the essence of their celebration.

Elegance in Every Detail:

The cake itself was a blank canvas for us to weave in subtle details that spoke to their love story. Two clusters of delicate gumpaste peonies and filler flowers added a touch of romance, while the tiers were accented with edible pearlized dragees and a royal icing stencil. It was a cake that was both sophisticated and understated, a perfect fit for their intimate gathering.

Vinchenzo and Stephanie’s love story is a testament to the power of friendship, perseverance, and grand gestures. Their all-white wedding cake was a small but beautiful detail in their celebration, a reflection of the pure love that brought them together. It’s a love story we’ll continue to cherish, a reminder that sometimes, the sweetest love stories take time to bloom.

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